Concealed Carry Permits

The Sheriff and his/her designees are responsible for approving or denying all Concealed Carry Permits(CCW) in the county of Adair

CCW appointments are done on Tuesdays and Thursdays 10am-3:30pm by appointment only. To schedule an appointment you have two options. You may call 660-665-4644 and ask to speak with Lisa. You may also request a date by emailing Please allow 1-3 days for a response and know that the day you request is not necessarily your appointment day until approval is given from the Sheriff’s Office.

Late Fees for Renewal

A “late” renewal is defined as an appointment that is made 16 days or later after the last day of the expiration month. i.e. Your expiration day was originally in January so if you have not scheduled an appointment before February 16th, you would be considered late and expected to pay a late fee for renewal.

Your late fee amount varies on the type of CCW and length of permit. If you would like a calculation on your late fee please call 660-665-4644 or email

Making changes to your CCW

Changes to your CCW such as name change, replacement of lost or stolen CCW, or change of address will also be done by appointment. These changes can only be made in person at the Sheriff’s Office. If you have any further questions about changes in your CCW, you may again contact us using the information previously provided.

**Please keep in mind that the Sheriff’s Office will not accept cash, credit, or Debit Cards. We will only accept Personal check, cashier’s check or money order**


Things you will need for your CCW

New CCW Permits

Drivers License with your current address

Training Certificate

Payment for you permit

Renewing your CCW

Driver’s License with your current address

Current CCW Permit

Payment for your permit