Sex Offenders

If you are a sex offender in Adair County you must report to the Sheriff’s Office with your most current information depending on your particular tier. Tier I Offenders must report every 365 days, Tier II Offenders must report every 180 days, and Tier III must report every 90 days. You must report all of the following regardless of tier:

-All Social media accounts

-Vehicles you drive(whether registered in your name or not)

-Any property you may own

-Your current address(whether titled in your name or not)

-Any other stipulation the court or County may impose

If there are any changes to the information listed above while you are in between report dates, you have 3 days to report it to the Sheriff’s Office.

Relocated Sex Offenders

If you are moving to the County of Adair and are a sex offender, you are required to have the address approved by us. To do this you must come to the Sheriff’s Office in person and gain approval before living at a residence within the county. You will have 3 days to report your new residency. For any questions, please call 660-665-4644 and speak with Lisa. You may also email us at Please keep in mind that you will still be required to report in person even if you email or call us.